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Tapeworms: The Horror Within.

 by brian on 06 Oct 2012 |
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Tapeworm, please cease eating all of my food. Sincerely, Host.

Tapeworms. What freaking nightmare. They’re tiny little worms that sit in small intestines and eat all the food before their hosts can draw nourishment. It’d be bad enough if they were only infecting your pets, but these dirty little parasites can make their homesteads in your bowels as well. It’s like something out of a horror movie. The marquis would read: “The Worms Within...” Underneath the title there would be a pale, sickly, multi-fanged abomination of nature exploding out of a cute co-ed’s stomach. Shudder in fear, good people. Shudder in fear.

A simple creature. Taking out tapeworms isn't too much trouble.These disgusting parasites are a commonly creepy problem for pets. Fortunately, the worms are more of an annoyance than a legitimate threat. Treatment is relatively painless, and it can be quite reasonable if you head to the right retailer. The problem with the worms is how easy they are to contract. The trouble with tapeworms is all about ingestion.

Flea larvae start out eating fecal matter that contains tapeworm eggs. The eggs mature in flea stomachs, the flea is ingested by a dog or cat and presto chango: your dog is scarping his butt across the carpet in supreme irritation.

Tapeworm Symptoms
You might notice that your pet is tapeworm ridden by some of the following signs:
  • The aforementioned anal itching.
  • Dried worm parts crusting around your pet’s sphincter.
  • Moving worms in your dog/cat’s fecal matter.
  • You could also check out a smear of poo under a microscope, but that seems a bit drastic for the average pet owner. Just look for theI'm sorry for soiling your eyes with this picture, but you've got to know what to look for other signs and head to the computer to point and click your way to parasite destruction.

    Now how do you treat or prevent tapeworms? Glad you asked. There are many treatment options for tapeworms, and nearly all of them are instantaneous. That means a case of tapeworms isn’t much more than a disgusting inconvenience. Drontal dewormer works quickly, effectively, and definitively. Britain’s #1 dewormer has an awesome track record in taking out intestinal worms of all kinds, and tapeworms are no exception. One dose of Drontal will take out your pet’s parasitic problem in a day flat.

    Tapeworm Treatment
    Other quality dewormers include: If you’re thinking more about tapeworms prevention than treatment, you’ll want to stop them at the source. As you’ve already learned, tapeworms are spread through ingestion. If your dog or cat doesn’t have a flea to eat, then there’s very little chance that they can become infected. Make sure to keep them away from feces too. Cats shouldn’t have a problem in this area, but if you have a dog with a penchant for munching on waste… Well, keep a close eye out and nip that behavior in the bud. Remember to keep treating them with monthly worm and flea preventatives as well. The less invaders they have to deal with the better. After all, if they don’t get bit, then they won’t bite and scratch themselves, virtually eliminating the possibility of eating a parasite within a parasite. Avoiding Insect Inseption.


patricia - Comment
patricia27 Feb 2014Reply
can tapeworms exit the scalp onto the scalp and human hair

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