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Rewards Program

A 'Rewards Program' Only for Pet Lovers

You have always rewarded your pet with the best of everything, now it's your turn!

Introducing the 'PetBucket Rewards Program'.

What is it?

The PetBucket Rewards Program is a new way for us to thank you for shopping with PetBucket and helping us spread the word to your friends and family. 

How do I earn Reward Points?

There are many ways of earning reward points. You will be earning rewards from your own purchases, your friends' purchases (and their friend's)

We will also send you occasional alerts for new opportunities to earn more points like writing a product review, answering a simple question or sharing a post. 

How much will I earn?

Your own purchases - You earn 20 reward points for every dollar you spend at the checkout and 30 reward points on every dollar you spend through automated/scheduled orders.

Your friend's purchases - You earn 5,000 reward points for every friend you refer to us by sharing your unique promo code. (They also get a $5 discount on their first order). You will also be earning 10 reward points for every dollar they spend.

Your friends of friend's purchases - You earn 5 reward points for every dollar friend of a friend spend.

Tasks - Task rewards vary depending on the size of the task and you will be notified at the time.

What's the value of a Reward Point?

1,000 Reward Points = $1.00 (USD)

How can I use my Reward Points?

You will have the option to issue a voucher through your dashboard once you reach a minimum threshold of $20. You will receive the voucher instantly by email and can use it at the checkout.

Is it easy to join?

Incredibly easy. All you need is a PetBucket account.

How do you track all this?

We’re not going to lie, we have a team of incredibly clever and adorable golden retrievers that are expert trackers. (We also have some super duper software just in case the pups get distracted). 

Are there any limits to the Reward Points I can earn?

Not at all. The sky is the limit.

Can I give or transfer my points to a friend?

You can give your vouchers to your friend but you can not transfer your points to another account.