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Exotic Pets: Best and Worst Part 1

 by zack on 11 Aug 2013 |
2 Comment(s)

Keeping and training a strange or unique animal always sounds fun. I think everyone at one point or another during childhood thought it would be fun to raise a wolf pup, ride a zebra, or train a python to guard their house. No? Just me? Well, I had an overactive imagination. Either way, as an adult, I’ve come to realize the folly of this logic. Even potty training a domestic animal can be a challenge, how exactly to you get a chimpanzee to learn its way around a toilet? Yes large primates and anything that might get it in its head to tear off your limbs and beat you to death isn’t going to make the best animal companion. But not all exotic pets are dangerous beasts. Today’s post is a list of some of the best and worst uncommon animals you might consider domesticating.

Dangerous or Difficult Pet Choices

1. Big cats- While you might think owning an ocelot is pretty cool-- and you’re right, it totally is—the fact remains that large felines look at you as a meal that provides other meals. When it comes to exotic pets, it’s best to avoid anything that can crush you with its jaws or cut your arteries into ribbons with their claws. Try not to look at Mike Tyson as a role model, and stick with your garden variety house kitties.

2. Large/poisonous snakes- Pythons are surprisingly popular pets. And they are interesting looking reptiles. They’re great conversation starters, and they hardly ever eat anyone you care about. Unfortunately, most of them do grow to at least 10 feet long. Which is more than enough space to fit you in their bellies. Consequently, when they get that big a lot of pet owners decide to dispose of them. Which is why they are currently battling out with alligators to see who will be the apex predator of the Florida Everglades. Cue low budget sci-fi movie franchise.
3.Wolf dogs-So in case you weren’t aware, Wolf dogs are dog/wolf hybrids, like White Fang or Balto. These noble Jack London character canines are truly beautiful, and truly terrifying. They are responsible for more deaths and injuries than any other breed except pit bull terriers and Rottweilers, both of whom are about 10 times as populous. They’re big, strong, vicious, difficult to train, and extremely independent and fierce. Not exactly a winning combination when it comes to families with children.

4.Scorpions- What kind of games are we playing here? You want a poisonous arachnid that looks like it was built for death as a pet? Have fun with that. Of course, not all breeds of scorpion can kill you, but every single one can ruin your day with a sting. This is the least dangerous on our list, but still plenty trouble for an underprepared pet owner.

5.Primates-So Chimpanzees get to be about 150 lbs when full grown. However, they probably have the strength of a 500 lb man. Also they like to attack the face, fingers, and genitals of anything that they feel is a threat. And don’t get me started on the hygiene issues. Oy vey. Smaller primates aren’t as dangerous, but are just as much trouble. They’re thieving, mischievous, and dirty. So if you want to keep your kitchen (and face) free of feces, I’d recommend getting a ferret.

As you can tell, there are plenty of difficult and dangerous animals in the exotic pet arena. However there are some completely appropriate choices as well. Check back next week for an exploration on the safer side of exotic pets. 


penguinspet - Comment
penguinspet05 Feb 2014Reply
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Travis - Comment
Travis29 Mar 2018Reply
Um as an owner of an asian forest scorpion i really dont like the way u portray them with proper husbandry and precautions ie. Dont put ypur hand near them they make great pets mine has never escaped or tried to sting me even when i was probably too close yes some are venomous but most are not they are just like any other animal dont corner them and youre fine treat them with respect as they can sting and pinch but they are not senseless killing machines and are a great pet choice

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