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Modern Cat Furniture

 by danielle on 30 Apr 2014 |
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The days of buying a simple carpeted scratching post for your cat are long gone. On the market today there is an array of innovative – and sometimes funny – furniture designed to transform your home into the perfect kitty playground. 




Perfected your Tetris skills as a kid? They’ll come in handy with the new Katris product for cat lovers by Papercut Lab. Made from cardboard, the sturdy shapes fit together to create endlessly variable world for your cat to explore. 


Your imagination is the only limit to what you can create from the Katris pieces. Once you’ve created the perfect cat post and hideaway, special clips are used to hold your design together. What’s more, the pieces can be purchased separately, so you can add more of whatever shapes take your fancy. 

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The Katris product need not only be for your cat. It is designed so you can create functional furniture for yourself, such as a bookshelf or a coffee table complete with nooks and crannies for your pet.  




Lumpi looks like kitsch sculptural art but is actually a ingenious scratching post for your cat to get revenge on dog kind for all the times they’ve chased them up trees. Cast from polyester resin and wrapped in sisal cord, Lumpi keeps you and your cat happy by keeping your furniture safe and giving kitty something great to sink their claws into.  

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German company Goldtatze (Translation: Gold Paw) has created cat heaven in the sky. Hanging from the ceiling and walls, these amazing designs make a simple room kitty wonderland. 


Designer Stephan Hofmann, who has a background in carpentry, was inspired to create the product after adopting his first cat, Tiggi, from a shelter. Struggling to find attractive and interesting cat furniture he decided to make some himself. Hofmann now has two more cats, Püppi and Pepita, and ships his designs worldwide. 




Skiitch Modern Cat Scratching Post

What looks like super cool modern sculpture is actually cleverly designed cat scratching post from Kassen design. Fashioned from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard mounted on a sturdy cement base, the posts are influenced by Brutalist architecture. The Skiitch Modern Cat Scratching Post is an item of décor for the truly cultured cat. 

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Indiana Jones Cat Bridge


Is your place home to an intrepid feline adventurer? If so, the Indiana Jones Cat Bridge may just be the perfect addition to your home. Made from solid pine by CatastrophiCreations, the bridge can be slung across the tops of doorways to create a fun perch for your cat to explore that doesn’t crowd the room. A railing of hand-woven twine allows cats to comfortably lounge on the bridge and watch from on high. 


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pEI Pod 


Cats love to hide and pEI pods are one of the most stylish hidey-holes available. Made from the same high-density polyethylene used to make baby products, the elliptical pet cave is as safe as it is sleek. It is also fully recyclable, so great for the planet too. The pod and accompanying pet pillow varieties are customisable so you can get exactly the right look to match you and your cat’s tastes.  

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Jon - Comment
Jon03 Oct 2017Reply
I would love to add http://katrux.com to the list!

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