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4 Clever Ways to Disguise Your Cat's Litter Tray

 by danielle on 15 Jul 2014 |
3 Comment(s)
Litter trays are often an unfortunate necessity of modern cat ownership, with many cats now living their entire lives indoors. City dwellers and families with apartments in built up areas are most likely to keep their cats indoors and are also likely to be unhappy about the unpleasant sight of a litter tray clogging up their home.
Never fear! We at Petbucket have looked around and found some clever ways to disguise the presence of a tray in your house to keep your cat and you happy.

Kitty Cupboards

Renovated cupboards are a popular way to hide your cat’s bathroom. By cutting a cat sized hole in a door of a pre-existing cupboard in your house or installing a pet door, your cat can leave its business out of sight. The use of a cupboard also makes it easy to access for cleaing – all you have to do is open the door.
The use of a small curtain can hide your cat litter trays beneath a side table in your bathroom or laundry. Either sew custom curtains at home or chop off some cheap options from a store like IKEA.

Privacy Screens
Nowhere to hang curtains from? A free standing screen might be the answer. The Prive Litter Screen is a cheap and easy option to conceal litter from your view and that of your guests.
Modern Litter Boxes

A number of companies have realised the need for private and stylish litter boxes that don't resemble a little box at all.


Modernist Cat’s Circa50 has made a dare we say it, chic litter box which would vanish into the furnishings of the most stylish of homes.

Also by Modernist Cat is the Mox Litter Tower which your cat climbs into from the top. Not only does it look nothing like a conventional litter tray, it helps reduce tracking with the unique vented lid.


For something a bit different again, you can conceal the plain plastic litter tray you already have with this felt cover by Moliti.


KatWrangler - Comment
KatWrangler16 Jul 2014Reply
Very interesting . Like all the ideas - but not too sure that I'd have a the litter pan under my kitchen sink, unless it was the ONLY option :)
Beverly - Comment
Beverly17 Jul 2014Reply
Very interesting ideas! I love your emails; keep them coming!
Amanda - Comment
Amanda19 Jul 2014Reply
I love the idea of turning a cupboard into a kitty litter house....especailly the one with the cat sillouette under the sink. I have an old cupboard that my unsuspecting husband is now going to transform it into a kitty litter cabinet....Brilliant...!! What an amazing idea..thankyou for the input.

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