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How to Help A Cat Take Its Nebuliser

 by jaime on 13 Aug 2014 |
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Asthma is not an ailment limited to humans - even your cat cat suffer from this chronic condition. If your cat is asthmatic or has recently been diagnosed as such, getting them to take their medication can be a difficult but necessary ordeal.

Asthma is the the build-up of excess mucous and inflammation of the airways. Muscles spasms constrict the airways which also contributes to respiratory distress.

If your cat is diagnosed with asthma by a vet, they may be prescribed medications like corticosteroids or bronchiodilators. You may even choose to combine traditional medicines with accompanying holistic therapies. However if your cat has severe asthma, they will more than likely be required to use a nebuliser.

A nebuliser is a device that administers medicine in the form of an aerosolised mist which is then inhaled into the lungs, delivering relief. Nebulisers are used not only to treat asthma but other respiratory conditions like pneumonia and bronchitis, where they administer antibiotics and other medications. Nebulisers are the most effective way to deliver quick relief to constricted airways.

Nebulisers generally come in two forms: a tabletop or portable version. Tabletop nebulisers have to be plugged into a power point and are quite large and bulky but are less expensive than portable versions. A portable nebuliser requires batteries and is hand-held. They are popular because you can keep them with you at all times, which is reassuring in case of emergencies.

Your cat's personality will determine which way to give them their nebuliser is going to be best:  

If you have a nervous cat…
If your cat is a real scaredy cat then a good idea is to place them in a cage or crate along with the nebuliser and place a towel over it to create a chamber. Alternatively, you can do the same thing by placing your kitty inside a small room, like the laundry or bathroom. Be aware though, you can loose a lot of medicine, and therefore money this way because not all of the medicine will make its way into your cat's lungs.
If you have a relaxed kitty...
Lucky you! If your cat is more than happy with be manhandled then you will be able to try these more effective methods:
  • Hold the mouthpiece of the nebuliser close to your pet's mouth and nose and they will be able to inhale most (but not all) of the medicine.
  • By far, the most effective way is to purchase a soft, paediatric nebuliser mask and place if over your cat's mouth and nose. This way all of the medicine enters your cats lungs and provides the most benefits and relief.

Keep in mind that you should always first speak to your vet to check how much medication should be given per dose.

If you are generally having a nightmare each time you try to give your cat their much needed medication, try these tips and tricks for a more calm and effective experience:
  • Remain calm at all times: your cat will easily pick up on any nervous energy and tension and will quickly associate taking their nebuliser as a negative experience.
  • Set up a regular routine so your cat will quickly become accustomed to the idea of taking their nebuliser. Try to do it at the same time of the day or after a particular activity.
  • Speak calmly to your pet and about the nebuliser and give a couple of reassuring pats on the head.
  • After each successful attempt at taking the nebuliser, remember to reward your pet so positive associations quickly develop.
  • If you are using a nebuliser mask, you could put a little bit of food inside it to coax your pet to put their face in to it (and provide a small distraction).
  • Once you've given the treatment, allow your cat some space to calm down - but don't forget to reward them!


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Juanita26 Sep 2014Reply
I love that cat.

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