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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Pet Stroller

 by michelle on 23 Sep 2014 |
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I always laughed at the idea of a pet stroller, thinking it was an item only a very pampered pooch would use. That was until my furbaby Blossom turned 13, and I found myself buying her one.

Here's the rest of Blossom's story, and other reasons why pet strollers aren't as silly of a purchase as you think:

1. Like most dogs, Blossom would go crazy at the sound of a jingling collar or the “w” word. As she got older though, she became more tired and her arthritis worsened. She doesn’t care for walks anymore, though her younger brother Finn is always up for a stroll around the block. It made me sad that I could no longer walk both my pups together, and that Blossom is only getting fresh air when she goes outside to eliminate.

I imagine Blossom wants to go for walks, she just doesn’t feel well enough to. So that’s when I decided to buy a pet stroller. The stroller is basically a crate on wheels, so Blossom can be comfy while taking in all the scents of the great outdoors.  

This leads me to the first way pet strollers can be beneficial, and that’s for a senior pet. Just because they are old or tired, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like some fresh air! You do all the walking while your pet can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


2. Pet strollers are great for people that like to exercise with their pets. You can go as far and fast as you like, and when your dog gets tired just put them in the stroller so you can continue going!

3. Like senior pets, disabled pets or those recovering from surgery or injuries, are perfect candidates for strollers. They get to enjoy the outdoors all while remaining safe and secure in the stroller.

4. If you have multiple dogs, a stroller could come in handy if one of your pets isn’t as athletic as the others. The stroller will allow you to go long distances with your power pooch, and place the other one in the stroller when they’re too tired. Walks no longer have to end abrubtly!

5. Strollers are a great idea for indoor cats in particular. Though being an indoor cat is much safer than the alternative, domestic cats are missing out on the exciting things happening outside. But with a pet stroller, you can keep kitty safe while broadening their horizons.

6. If you like to bring your pet everywhere with you, a stroller will definitely make the process easier and safer. Picnics, festivals, your kids’ sporting events, are all places people like to bring their pets. A stroller makes it easy to contain them, and protect them from crowds, things on the ground they shouldn’t be eating, and potentially aggressive dogs.

7. Not only is it a great excuse for you to get out and exercise, but it's also a great opportunity to bond with your furbabies!



Kate Sarginson - Comment
Kate Sarginson03 Oct 2014Reply
I also said I would never buy one until my knees started acting up and I could not longer carry my cats in the carry case to the vet. I leave a carry case in the car and put the cat in that. Then when I get to vet, I transfer him/her to the stroller and I am away. It makes it so much easier on my poor knees!

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