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5 Perfect Products For Older Dogs

 by jaime on 10 Oct 2014 |
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Just like us, dogs will eventually start to show signs of ageing as they begin to grow older. When these changes start to occur, you will have to pay close attention to your pooch's altered needs and requirements and act accordingly.

It can be very upsetting for puppy parents to see their once active and lively dog begin to slow down, but just remember it's a completely normal part of life.

Common signs of ageing in dogs include:
  • Vision loss or sight problems
  • Increased urination
  • Bad breath or dental problems
  • Lumps, bumps or skin problems
  • Gaining/ losing weight
  • Difficulty moving
  • Behaviour or memory problems
  • Fortunately, there are a variety of products that are made just for the older pooch to help make everyday life more comfortable and to keep them feeling as young as possible. The following are just 5 great products you could implement in your dog's routine to make their later years fun and comfortable!

    1. Beds
    A heated or orthopedic bed is perfect for the older dog as both types work to soothe aching muscles and sore joints. Your dog doesn't even need to be suffering with arthritis to appreciate and benefit from these specifically designed beds.

    2. Ramp
    Bringing a ramp into your home might be a small modification for you but it can mean big things for your dog. With a ramp they'll be able to enjoy going on car rides or climbing onto their favourite seat with ease, where they might not of been able to previously. It's bound to make them feel young again and install some confidence they may have lost previously.

    3. Stroller
    Many people might balk at the idea of buying a pet stroller, but for many pet parents who have already invested in one will no doubt tell you, they are great for older pets. If your pooch can no longer join you on your trip round the block, a stroller means they can still get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. And most importantly, you and your pet still get to enjoy your bonding time together.

    4. Diapers
    OK, some doggy owners might struggle with the idea of these, and their dogs struggle with it even moreso, but a doggy diaper could be just the thing you need whilst dealing with older, incontinent pets. Diapers are great for people who work full time or have to spend a good few hours away from their pets. Diapers mean your dog can still have the run of the house and your furniture is free from being on the receiving end of any accidents.

    5. Dog shoes
    Not only do they come in a variety of cute colours and designs, but dog shoes are great for older dogs. They protect tired and worn feet from hot and cold conditions and helps to stop slipping on surfaces which can really impair older dogs. Shoes are an excellent purchase if your dog already suffers with hip dysplasia or arthritis.

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Louise Lanham - Comment
Louise Lanham19 Oct 2014Reply
Older dogs are worth every minute of our extra time! When I adopt, it's forever!

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