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Introducing A Third Dog Into Your Home? Follow These Six Tips For Success!

 by jaime on 21 Oct 2014 |
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Introducing a new pet into your family is always a step that should be carefully considered. A new pet can certainly enhance your home, but it can also wreak havoc. Potential difficult situations can be avoided by keeping the following tips in mind. Remember, a multi-dog home can be a delightful one, but be sure to take your time and consider the following before inviting a new dog into your home.
1. Research the breed
Some dog breeds are known for their ability to easily mix with other breeds. Of course, there's no guarantee that any one dog or two will take kindly to a third. However, by choosing breeds that are known for their easy-going demeanor, you can avoid aggression among the dogs and, ideally, enjoy a more peaceful home.
2. Consider the expense
If you have two dogs, you'll already know that costs for vet care, food, and grooming are double the price. Three dogs will ramp up your costs considerably. If you can afford an extra mouth to feed, then you probably won't mind the added expense when caring for a thrid dog- however remember that some breeds can be more expensive than others for a variety of reasons, from healthcare, food and grooming.
3. Positive introductions
When you bring a new dog home, you'll want to try your best to conceal any fearful or worried emotions you might have as dogs are able to pick up on these negative emotions. Remember to stay in command of the situation- but you can expect the dogs to sniff each other and investigate. You'll also want to be sure all introductions stay positive. If you are at all concerned about your dogs and their particular breed, consider inviting a trainer over to coach you during the encounter.
4. Stay present
For an initial period of time, you may not want to leave the dogs alone together. Supervise their meetings around the home and try to give them time to get to know each other. You don't need to step in unless one of the dogs begins to show signs of aggression. Once you're comfortable that they won't fight, you can leave them together in the yard to see how things progress.
5. Separate food bowls and stations
Meal times can be tricky, especially if one of the dogs is aggressive and decides that its food portion isn't enough. By feeding dogs separately and with their own bowls, you can ensure that they get the nourishment they need and, hopefully, avoid any conflicts between the dogs.
6. Be fair
It's important to be fair with the dogs, particularly when it comes to your attention. Be sure to spend time interacting with each dog so that they all feel secure in your affections. Also, be sure each dog has their own treats and toys. While they may wind up sharing, it's always a good idea to make sure that each has something to play with or gnaw in order to avoid any trouble.
Going from two dogs to three is an exciting experience as it can bring great joy to your home. By following the above tips, and excersing care and attention introducing a third dog is bound to be a great success!

We'd love to hear about your experiences when you've introduced a third (or more) dog into your home!


Kim - Comment
Kim05 May 2015Reply
I think breed is most essential thing while selecting new pet dog because some breed never accept new pet friend in house and I want to thank to author for sharing such useful article :)

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