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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Pet Insurance

 by petbucket on 19 Aug 2015 |
6 Comment(s)
The field of veterinary medicine has advanced significantly in recent years. There are now veterinary cardiologists, veterinary neurologists and even veterinary cancer specialists. All that specialization has allowed many pets to live happier and longer lives, but it all comes at a cost.
The cost of veterinary care has risen almost as fast as the expertise of its practitioners. Many pet owners have found the cost of caring for their dogs and cats prohibitive, and some have even had to give up their beloved companions from lack of funds.
Pet insurance has attempted to fill the gap between financial means and veterinary costs. Buying a pet insurance policy can make a lot of sense, but it is important for shoppers to understand the pros and cons. These are some of the advantages pet insurance can provide:
.   Pet insurance provides you with peace of mind. The peace of mind alone can be enough reason to choose pet insurance. Many pet owners worry that they will not have the funds to care for their pets. Pet insurance can set their minds at ease.
.   Pet insurance lets you know your veterinary costs ahead of time. Budgeting for veterinary care can be difficult; you never know when your cat or dog will get sick or experience an accident. Pet insurance makes veterinary costs more predictable and easier to budget for.
.   Pet insurance could save the life of your pet. Many pet owners find themselves making the decision to euthanize based not on medical needs but financial costs. Having pet insurance could mean the difference between life and death for a beloved pet.
.   A growing number of vets now accept pet insurance. When pet insurance was first introduced, many old-school vets were reluctant to join the networks or accept the coverage. These days, however, a growing number of vets happily accept pet insurance and understand how it can help their clients.
Pet insurance may be useful, but it is certainly not a panacea. Here are some of the disadvantages of insuring your pet.
.   Pet insurance can be expensive. The cost of pet insurance can be quite high, especially in large cities where the cost of veterinary care is particularly high. Pet owners will need to determine if the peace of mind is worth the extra cost.
.   Some breeds may be difficult, or even impossible, to insure. It may be difficult to insure breeds with known genetic conditions and chronic conditions. Even if insurance is available, genetic defects are sometimes excluded from coverage.
.   You may have problems getting insurance for an older or ill pet. As your pet gets older, it may be harder to insure. The chance of illness rises with age, and that can make getting insurance more difficult. The same difficulty awaits pet owners whose cats and dogs are already ill.
.   The network of providers could be limited. Pet insurers work much the same as traditional health insurers. If the vet you normally use is not a network provider, you may face higher out-of-pocket costs or even claim denials.
.   Pet insurance may not cover routine care. Routine examinations and vaccinations may not be covered by pet insurance, so pet owners will need to budget for such items separately.
In the end, each pet owner will need to determine whether or not pet insurance is a good buy. Owners with sufficient financial resources may be willing to take the risk and go without insurance, while pet lovers with more limited bank accounts may be happier knowing the insurance is in place just in case.


patriia miller. - Comment
patriia miller.20 Aug 2015Reply
i don't know if its good or not to have insurence
Kathryn - Comment
Kathryn20 Aug 2015Reply
We breed Sphynx kitties. We give all our clients 30 days of free health insurance. This give us and the new owners peace of mind just in case in the unlikely event the kitten has any health issues. The new owner can elect to continue the insurance or cancel it at the end of the 30 days.
Coral - Comment
Coral20 Aug 2015Reply
Here in Australia Pet Insurance is quite competitive and comes at 3 levels. Level 1 Accident. Level 2 Accident & Illness. and Level 3 which cover pretty much all including Routine examinations and vaccinations. Pre-existing illness/ailments aren't covered.

I have a level 2 with my dog and it cost me $20 a month with a 80% rebate up to $11,000.00 a year

It's paid off twice now when my dog suffered gastro and a respiratory ailment. So glad I had the insurance
Christine - Comment
Christine20 Aug 2015Reply
Hi Coral,
which insurer are you using ?
I thought it was dearer to insure my small cross breed'

Cheers Christine
Coral - Comment
Coral20 Aug 2015Reply
Hi Christine,
I use Woolworths Pet Insurance. It's the same company used my RSPCA and Guide Dogs Australia
Christine - Comment
Christine20 Aug 2015Reply
thank you Coral
Lily - Comment
Lily15 Oct 2015Reply
Eventho there are plenty of Pet Insurance companies in the United States cost is still high...I pay almost $60 a month for your level 2 & I have compared many companies. It is more than what I pay for my own medical!
Karin - Comment
Karin15 Oct 2015Reply
What you cited as disadvantages are not actually disadvantages except maybe the first which is cost. That is a disadvantage.
Best Pet Insurance - Comment
Best Pet Insurance18 Aug 2022Reply
Pet insurance has many advantages, such as saving money, ensuring the pet's well-being, choosing the expensive treatment and vet with low cost, and so on. The disadvantages are not much higher than the advantages. The disadvantages are some exotics pets are hard to insure, aged dogs are hard to insure, and pet insurance doesn't cover routine care. Benefits are higher. It would help if you had pet insurance for your pet. Contact Fast ESA Letter for affordable pet insurance.

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