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Avoid feeding your dog these fruits and vegetables

 by lucy on 18 Jan 2017 |
6 Comment(s)
We’re all guilty of spoiling our dogs with a human snack every now and again, but some foods are best kept away from our canine companions. To help keep Fido fit and healthy, avoid these fruits and vegetables that are toxic to pets:
1. Grapes, raisins and currants: We may enjoy a healthy handful of grapes, but for our canine companions, this snack can be fatal even in small doses. Although experts don’t know why, grapes, raisins and any foods containing the two can cause severe kidney damage. Pet owners who are familiar with the dangers grapes may be surprised to learn that currants carry the same, life-threatening level of renal toxicity, too.
2. Cherries: While the flesh itself is safe for Fido to eat, cherry stems and pits are toxic to dogs. That’s no surprise, give that they contain cyanide, a deadly poison that deprives the body of oxygen and can lead to respiratory failure and even death.
3. Onions and garlic: Onions contain an ingredient called thiosulphate, which can cause damage to your dog’s red blood cells. Some experts say that garlic is even more toxic than onions, so avoid this pungent food, too.
4. Mushrooms: Only some species of mushroom are poisonous to humans, and the same goes for our pets. While some mushrooms are safe to feed Fido, you need to be 100 percent positive about what you’re feeding him, since other mushrooms can cause tremors, seizures, organ failure and even death.
5. Apricots: Like cherries, apricots contain toxic seeds and stems. While dogs can safely snack on the fruit’s flesh, the cyanide in the pits can cause respiratory failure and death in large enough doses, so be sure to peel Fido’s sweet treat before handing it over.
6. Raw or undercooked potatoes: Raw, green and unripe potatoes are toxic to dogs. If Fido scarfs down a bad batch, look out for nausea and vomiting, seizures and heart irregularities as they can contain solanine, a defensive poison found in the plant’s stems, leaves and skin that can damage your pet’s nervous system.
7. Rhubarb: A seemingly innocent ingredient in a classic pie, rhubarb contains xalate crystals in its leaves and stems that can deplete dogs’ calcium levels. In large enough doses, this can kidney failure and other symptoms such as drooling, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, weakness, tremors and bloody urine.
8. Apple seeds: Like other fruits, apple seeds contain cyanide. While Fido may have to eat quite a few to suffer any ill effects, it has been known to happen and is best to dispose of the core before feeding your dog any apple snacks.
If you know what your dog has eaten and he is displaying symptoms such as lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness or other ill effects, call your veterinarian immediately. You can also contact a Pet Poison Helpline after hours to find out the level of risk your dog is facing after eating something he shouldn’t have.


Randall Higgins - Comment
Randall Higgins18 Jan 2017Reply
I was aware of grapes and raisons but not some of the others. This is a good service the article provides to pet owners and there should me more like them. Thank you and congratulations to Petbucket.com
ChI have raised and breed many different breedsof canines and all have ate onionarlie - Comment
ChI have raised and breed many different breedsof canines and all have ate onionarlie18 Jan 2017Reply
I have raised and breed 9 different breeds for some 50+ years, and all of them have onion pieces from time to time like the I have right now as well as the Great Dane I have right now. Even humans should NOT eat the seeds of grapes, cherries, and other fruits.But the flesh is fine.
doctortim - Comment
doctortim18 Jan 2017Reply
swallowed whole, cherry and apricot pits will pass thru the digestive system intact, and are NOT dangerous. only in the unlikely event that the dog were to crush the pits before swallowing them would the potentially dangerous compounds be released, and it would require an improbably large quantity to pose a serious hazard. the same is true for cherry stems. while there are potentially toxic compounds present, a dog would be unlikely to consume the kind of quantity that posed a risk. bottom line, one cherry stem is nothing to freak out over.

one of our dogs loves fresh fruits of all kinds, and has getten some daily for years with no ill effects, including bananas, mango, pineapple, apple, pear, peach, cherries, cantalope, honeydew, watermelon, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. in the summer, he helps himself to apples that have fallen from the tree next to the house, and i'm pretty sure he's eaten a few seeds along the way, with no ill effects. however, dried fruits of any kind may be just as risky as raisins, so we carefully avoid those.
DebbieCooley - Comment
DebbieCooley18 Jan 2017Reply
Is garlic powder ok to use? I make doggie treats with garlic powder.. Not fresh garlic. I read that the powder is ok.. Is it?
전혜성 - Comment
전혜성06 Feb 2017Reply
Good information ... Thank you ... I often give tangerines to my dog, is it okay?
Coral - Comment
Coral24 Feb 2017Reply
Common sense with most fruits. You wouldn't give a toddler stone fruits without first removing the stone/pip/seed, so most fruits are fine just removed the part that could course blockages.
My dog has scoffed the odd grape, no biggy, in abundance though yes they can be harmful

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