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Benefits of Flea Topical and Spot-On

There are four basic ways to get rid of fleas on dogs and cats: flea shampoos, combs, or sprays; oral treatments such as flea pills, chewables, and tablets; flea collars; and topical and spot-on treatments.

More recently, oral treatments such as Bravecto Chews, Nexgard, and Simparica have become very popular for killing fleas in pets. However, there are still plenty of advantages for using the more traditional flea topical and spot-on treatments.

Perfect for cats and pets who don’t like tablets

It can be very difficult to make cats and older or sick dogs swallow pills. In such instances, flea topical and spot-on treatments are perfect for getting rid of fleas on your pet. Topical treatments such as Bravecto Topical, Revolution, and Frontline Plus are applied on your pet’s skin, typically at the base of their neck or between their shoulder blades. 

Waterproof and durable

Most good topical treatments are waterproof or water-resistant after around two hours. This means once the product is fully dry, you don’t need to worry about your dog or cat getting wet, or having the treatment accidentally rub onto young children or other pets.

Kills fleas—and ticks—successfully

Topical flea treatments do not just kill the fleas you see, but the eggs and larvae as well, effectively getting rid of fleas completely. Bravecto kills the newly emerged fleas before they can lay eggs, preventing any future infestations, and Revolution is able to prevent flea eggs from developing.

These treatments typically also kill ticks, protecting your pets from the parasite’s harmful effects.

Long-lasting impact

Many topical flea treatments will continue to kill fleas, eggs, and larvae for up to one month, giving your pet protection against fleas for an extended period of time. Bravecto Topicaleven provides up to 12 weeks of protection against fleas, preventing new infestations.

Use flea treatments regularly

Whether you decide to treat your pet’s flea problems with topical or oral treatments, regular and consistent use is required to ensure it does not stop working, causing serious health problems in your pets.

Cats and dogs can get fleas even during winter, so use flea preventatives all-year-round, and not just in summer. This is to prevent leaving your pet vulnerable to re-infestation, thanks to the fast breeding and flexible life cycles of fleas.

If you are fighting a flea infestation, remember you will also need to get rid of fleas in the house and yard to successfully eradicate the problem.

Benefits of Flea Topical and Spot-On

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