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Aggressive Cat is Aggressive: Avoiding Bad Cat Behavior

 by zack on 05 Oct 2012 |
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Having an aggressive kitty on your hands can be more than a handful. Cats are usually demure, aloof, and playful little critters, but a few hazardous pitfalls can really ruin their disposition. The fastidious feline nature of your average kitty cat gives them a fragile temperament that can become easily unbalanced. However, with the right motivation and correct information even the meanest of these half feral bad cats can be turned around with relative ease. The goal of this article is to educate you about the potential causes and easy methods to avert an overly aggressive cat.

An angry cat is always the direct result of some untoward stimulus in its environment. Being such sensitive animals their triggers are numerous. Anything from a messy home, loneliness, or even something as simple as an active play session can be factors. The key to figuring out your bad cat’s behavioral puzzle is paying attention to their actions, noting changes in their behavior, and always seeking proper authoritative answers when the trouble becomes serious.

Don't mess with him, he's got a UTI...The first stop after determining your cat to be overly aggressive is the Vet’s office. Discussing an aggressive cat with your vet can be informative at the least and powerfully productive in most other scenarios. If your bad cat is hurting or not feeling well, then that’s an obvious answer to their being moody. Keep good notes of any changes in your cat’s daily routines or any abnormal activities going on around it so that you’ll have no lack of information to share with your veterinarian. If there is an ailment related cause to your angry cat, then the vet will be the best, first, and only source you’ll need to consult.

Another common cause of angst amongst kitties is an abundance of testosterone. If you’ve got a Tom with an attitude, you should consider getting him fixed. Male cats are inherently more aggressive than females. They have all that tiger blood coursing through their veins making them territorial and unpredictable. Not unlike Charlie Sheen before an interview on 60 Minutes. However, having an angry cat is not a “winning” situation.

Or perhaps your place is a little overcrowded for your cuddly critter. If there is a lack of cat assets then you may have a berserker miniature lion mauling the toes of houseguests at every turn. Make sure that your cat has enough clean litter, food & water/food & water bowls, playthings, sitting spots, etc. Cats are used to being worshiped and pampered. Allow them to live luxuriously.

If all else fails, seek professional help. A bad cat is a big problem. Sometimes people forget that cats, despite being super cute and ultra-adorable, can be dangerous adversaries. Their claws are razor sharp and they are quick, vicious, and hard to catch besides. Look around your area for an animal behaviorist or some such other pet expert. That’s all the cat tips you get for now. Until next time be benevolent owners and vigilant parents to your favorite furry felines!
The Aggressive cat's lesser known and far less threatening cousing:
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