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The World’s Wealthiest Pets

 by danielle on 22 Apr 2014 |
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Many people say their pets are like their children. This holds true for multimillionaires as well as the everyday man and woman. In grand fashion, some of these animal-loving people have made certain their beloved furbabies remain cared for upon their deaths, leaving some animals with truly astonishing fortunes.   

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Gunther IV the German Shepherd – $373 million


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The German Shepherd Gunther IV was born into riches. He inherited his sizeable bank balance from his father, Gunther III who was the companion of German countess Karlotta Liebenstein. When the Countess died in 1992, she left all her earthly wealth to her beloved canine friend. The princely pup Gunther IV in turn inherited his father’s wealth after his passing – a fortune which only continues to increase. 


Gunther’s faithful staff have wisely invested his wealth, causing the initial sum given to him by his father to triple. Amongst Gunther’s recent purchases is a Miami villa owned previously by Madonna, a BMW, and a rare white truffle. His property portfolio also contains residences in the Bahamas, Italy and Germany. 

Toby Rimes - $92 million 

Another dog with a wealthy father is Toby Rimes, a poodle descended from his namesake who was owned by New York socialite Ella Wendel in the 1930s. She left her estate to her pet and the money has stayed in the poodle’s family over the years, descending from father to son, all of whom have born the same name. 


Blackie  – $25 million 

When the British multimillionaire Ben Rea passed away in 1988, he bequeathed his entire $25 million fortune to his beloved cat Blackie. Left nothing, Rea’s human family were not best pleased with the prominent antique merchant’s decision. Blackie subsequently entered the Guinness World Book of Records as the wealthiest cat in history. He lived his life in quiet luxury and being a charitable cat, shared his vast inheritance helping felines less fortunate than himself through donations to animal charities.  


Tommasino - $15 million


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In a rags-to-riches story, the black stray cat Tommasino went from life on the streets to the lap of luxury. Tommasino won the heart of 94-year-old Italian lady Maria Assunta, who wished her enormous riches to go to her cat after her death. 


However, as Italian law prohibits animals directly inheriting money, she understood that may not be possible and the money instead could go to a “worthy animal charity, if one could be found.” Several charities were considered by Assunta’s lawyers, however in the end it was decided none were appropriate. 



Assunta had no living relatives and so the money was given into the hands of Assunta’s trusted nurse Stefania who cares for Tommasino and administers it on his behalf. According to Stefania, who had no clue her employer had so much money, Tommasino is content with the simple pleasures such as a saucer of milk and biscuits.


Trouble - $12 million 

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Known as the ‘Queen of Mean’ in New York circles, Leona Helmsley may not have treated her fellow human beings with much kindness, but she certainly adored her Maltese Terrier Trouble. Handfed elegantly prepared meals presented on silver trays by domestic staff during Helmsley’s lifetime, Trouble received $12 million of her owner’s $4 billion estate. 

She, like her owner, is not known for her sweet temper. Former maid Zamfira Sfara sued Helmsley after suffering nerve damage to her hands after being bitten repeatedly by the dog during bath time whilst her owner laughingly cheered her on. 


Upon her death, Trouble will join her mistress, with directions being given that she be interred in the Helmsley Mausoleum. 

Gigoo - $10 million 


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In a list dominated by dogs and cats, Gigoo the chicken deserves special mention. A hen, Gigoo is heir to the fortune of Miles Blackwell, the publishing giant. A widow and fourth generation Oxford bookseller, with a love of animals and a notable sense of humour, he decided to will his entire estate to his clucky friend.  


Together these furry and feathered rich kids command a combined fortune of $527 million – somehow we don’t think they’ll ever be short of bones or treats! 







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