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7 Elite Four-Pawed Heroes

 by simone on 11 Oct 2022 |
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We take a look at some of the sporting world’s quiet achievers. 

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1. Keep your eye on the ball at all times 

Despite some questionable plays around the net, nothing gets past this master tabby of table tennis.


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2. Point scoring pooch.

Petey could teach the Harlem Globetrotters a thing or two, although slam dunking has always been a little out of his reach. 


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3. Was it a hole in one? I couldn’t bear to look

Sometimes in life, it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game, the sportsdoglike character you bring to the competition and, of course, your snazzy fairway fashion. 


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4. Doggie paddle? Puh-lease!


She’s the Queen of the pool. Her amazing talent was discovered when she was spotted fearlessly diving into deep water and chasing fish as a mere kitten. 


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5. A winning woof team

In the history of Extreme Fetch, there’s been no better pairing. Other competitors don’t come within a sniff of these Labs when they have their prize in their sight.


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6. Captain Courageous

Known as The Siamese Slammer, this super featherweight boxer is renowned for taking down the most formidable of opponents without hesitation.


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7. The Greatest of them all

Is there anything Tillman the Bulldog can’t ride?  Skateboards, snowboards, surfboards and skimboards are no match for this guy – and who would have thought he’d such grace while doing it!

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