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Here's How To Get Your Cat To Come When Called

 by jaime on 10 Sep 2014 |
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It's more common for dogs to be taught to come when called but it's also something that your cat should learn too. You may even be surprised to hear that it's quite easy to achieve with a little time, patience and treats. Quite a lot of treats.

Reasons to teach your cat to come when called:
  • If you have an outdoor cat you can get them to come inside when you wish.
  • If you can't locate your cat, you can quickly get them to come out from their hiding place.
  • If you have multiple cats, you can check up on them all and make sure none have gone missing.
  • It's fun!
  • How to teach your cat to come when called:
    • Firstly, decide on a treat/s that your cat absolutely adores. It will have to be something pretty delicious and something that they don't ordinarily receive at regular meal times.
    • Secondly, always be consistent. It will be the key to your success!
    • Thirdly, choose a command (their name is a great option) that you will only use when you want your cat to come to you. Make sure your voice sounds positive and maybe a little high-pitched as cats are particularly receptive to high-pitched sounds. And make sure everyone in your home uses the same word!
    • Initially, choose times when your cat is content and receptive to being petted. Whilst patting them, start saying their name. You can repeat this a few times throughout the day as this will create positive associations.
    • After a while, carry on as you have been, but whenever your cat turns to you after you've used your command, reward them and they'll soon learn that it's a good idea to listen up!
    • Once your cat is doing well at this, start creating a bit of distance and see if once called, they look at you. If they do give praise but only treat them if they physically come to you upon command.
    • Soon enough, your cat will realise that responding to their name will result in positive things and you will be able to call them to you whenever you like (even while they nap) from all over the house!

    Remember, as you work up to each step you should practice it several times a day.

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