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3 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe On Night Walks

 by danielle on 18 Sep 2014 |
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Many dog owners work long hours, meaning they can only exercise their full-of-beans dog when they arrive home at night. Exercise at anytime of the day is great for both dogs and people, though certain safety issues should be considered when venturing out into the dark with your pet.
Make sure you can be seen
The biggest problem with taking your dog out at night-time is visibility. A dog running around in the dark can be invisible to motorists and bike riders, meaning the risk of a collision is far more likely.
Products like the Bright Steps leg bands can be wrapped around your dogs legs allowing them to be spotted from over half a mile away. Collars with LED inserts are also useful so your dog literally glows when running around the neighbourhood.

Your own safety is also important. Matching reflective gear such as a jacket and shoes with a led head light are a great idea so you and your pup can be super protected as well as have fun during your time together.
Keep warm
Depending on where you live, the temperature at night can drop significantly. Despite having a fur coat, dogs can feel the cold significantly especially if they are small. It may be an idea to wrap your dog in a nice warm jacket. Functionality not fashion is key. Choose something cosy and tough – though of course it can be stylish as well!
Beware of night-time wildlife
Remember, some forms of wildlife you don’t see during the day, come out at night. This means your dog might encounter more ferocious critters on their adventures than squirrels and birds – like foxes or racoons or possums. Make sure to keep them close and from ranging out of sight.



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