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Dog Grooming: The Do's and Don'ts

 by alexandra on 14 Nov 2014 |
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Grooming isn't just about your pooch looking their best, it's also important for their health and wellbeing.

The Dos of Dog Grooming
  • Washing your dog often is totally fine, in fact they'll love it. Just like you, feeling clean will make your dog feel good.
  • Always use a dog shampoo as human shampoo can be harsh on your dog's skin and can cause irritation.
  • Brush your pooch's fur, particularly if it is long as it can easily get matted. Remember to also choose your brush carefully, as there are specific brushes made for different types of fur. Brushing your dog helps to get rid of malting fur.
  • Clip your dogs nails. This can be tough, so if using a dog nail clipper is proving to be too difficult most vets will do it for you for a small fee.
  • Light coloured fur will need protection from the sun as dogs with light fur are prone to skin cancer. Simply pat some sunscreen on your dog to make sure they are protected.
  • The Don'ts of Dog Grooming
    • Do not use hand soap or other types of soap for humans on your dog.
    • If you are going to blow dry your dog's fur, ensure the blow dryer is set to the lowest setting so that you do not burn your dog in the process.
    • When clipping nails ensure you do not clip too much as you can cut into the skin and cause bleeding.
    • Do not put human perfume on your dog, this can cause allergies and skin irritation.
    • If painting your dogs nails ensure it is pet friendly as your pooch may end up chewing the polish off and ingesting it.


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