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What Sort Of Bed Is Right For Your Cat

 by alexandra on 23 Dec 2014 |
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It is no secret that cats love a nap. In fact it might feel like your kitty loves napping more than almost anything else. You may spot him or her sleeping on the couch, on the window-sill or even on your bed, which is exactly why a nice and cosy bed is a must for your pet. Here is a short guide on picking a new bed for your cat.

Cup beds
These are particularly appealing to cats as they are often made of soft plush fabric that will not only feel super comfy but will also retain any body heat. Their circular design is also ideal as your cat will be able to curl up comfortably and feel like it is being cuddled by the bed giving it security. They come in plenty of sizes, designs and some are even hooded which are particularly handy during winter.

These comfy flat beds make for ideal beds that you can move to different places around the house and you can even take them when travelling with your kitty. Some might be just a flat faux fur fabric while others are stuffed with foam or are made of sheepskin. The great thing about these lightweight cat beds is that they are machine washable which means if they get stinky you can get rid of any nasty smells ASAP. 
Heated beds
If you have an older cat, or one that suffers from arthritic pains this is the perfect bed for you. They come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit your needs. The headed pads or units are fitted inside a soft plush covering. They are safe for your cat as the covering prevents any direct contact with your cats skin. These beds are pre-set to maintain their temperature making it ideal for colder climates.

Cat trees
This double-whammy bed is perfect for a cat that loves being on top of the world and has a habit of tearing up your furniture in its spare time. Multilevel cat trees also give your cat a place to play as well as sleep. Most of these will have a box or small enclosed cave for your cat to hide in and fall asleep. The small cosy space is perfect for your cat as you may have noticed, the smaller the nook or cranny he or she has found, the more they'll love it. These beds also mean that any malting fur won't be deposited on your furniture.

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