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Five tips to help your dog live a longer life

 by bora on 08 Feb 2021 |
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Every pet parent wants his dog to thrive well into his senior years. Here are five tips to help your companion live a long and healthy life.

We all love our canine companions and want to help them live long and happy lives. Here are a few tips to help Fido thrive into his senior years:

1. Feed him right. Studies have shown that overweight dogs are more likely to develop heart disease and joint problems as they age, so feeding Fido the right amount of high-quality dog food is key to helping him live a longer life. Research labels carefully and buy only foods that have been through feeding trials and include whole ingredients, rather than “fillers.” As a guide, you should be able to feel your dog’s ribs easily, but no sharp edges of his rib cage protruding, when he is a healthy weight. Adjust his diet accordingly, and your pet is likely to live a longer, more active life.

2. Exercise together. Not only does exercise lower stress, but it also increases endorphins and helps balance mood—in people and dogs alike. Be sure to cater exercise routines to your pet’s individual needs, which will vary depending on his breed, age and physical fitness. You can take your dog on walks or let him roam leash-free at the dog park to ensure gets plenty of daily physical activity. Some dogs also benefit from agility training or nosework, which challenges Fido both physical and mentally while strengthening the bond you share with your pet.

3. Stimulate his mind. Just like humans, your dog thrives when given plenty of mental stimulation. Bored pets can develop depression or anxiety, which can lead to stress and lower life expectancies. In addition to training your dog and maintaining his repertoire of tricks, you can fuel his mind with regular socialization such as at the dog park, or training such as agility training. Mentally stimulating games such as nosework also keep Fido’s brain fit while boosting the bond you share.
4. Brush his teeth. Many pet parents overlook dental hygiene when caring for dogs, but brushing Fido’s teeth can prevent infections that can lead to serious health problems down the road. In addition to regular tooth brushing, you can keep your dog’s mouth in good shape with dental treats and regular check-ups at the vet.

5. Shower him with love. Dogs strive to please us and feeling like a part of the family can improve Fido’s mental wellbeing and reduce stress. Canines are pack animals, after all, and it is important for your companion to feel like an important part of your social group. Give him attention daily to show your dog he is truly part of your family


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